Bird Walk Delights with Color and Song

Baltimore Oriole
Indigo Bunting
Morning watchers.

Former WLR Executive Director Leslie Reed-Evans guided a group of curious listener/viewers to encounters with many-colored feathered friends this morning on Sheep Hill.  She began by explaining that the intersection of Sheep Hill’s pond, meadow, scrubland and forest habitats led to a diversity of bird species. And so it was. The walk began with viewing a pair of bright orange (male) and yellow (female) Baltimore Orioles cavorting in the sun and ended with  the awe-inspiring iridescent blue of an Indigo Bunting sitting perfectly still until everyone had had a chance to view him through the scope. Along the way at least 24 different birds were observed and listened to, from the heartfelt singing of the song sparrow to the gleaming Yellow Warbler to the delight of all on the walk.

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