Area Hikes

Williamstown Rural Lands maintains nearly every public trail in town and has conserved many properties specifically for public access and outdoor recreation. Here are some hikes you might enjoy!

Chestnut Trail / Pine Cobble / ’98

Distance: 3 miles out and back 

Difficulty: Moderate 

This is the classic Williamstown Hike. If you haven’t been there before, now is the time. An “out and back” 3 mile trip to the top will take about 2 hours at a moderate pace, longer if you linger. A good workout for the whole family with a great payoff at the top. Because this … Read more

Lehovec River Walk

Distance: 0.5 miles 

The Lehovec Natural Area is easily accessible in the middle of town with its charming set of trails along the Green River. This property can be accessed from the end of Mill Street or more quickly from the end of Woodlawn Drive, as detailed at bottom. A few informal parking spots are also available on … Read more

Notable trees outside the center of Williamstown

If you’d like to see the trees in this guide you can travel by bicycle or car to each location from downtown Williamstown.

Shepherd’s Well

Distance: 3.2 miles up and back 

Difficulty: Moderate 

The Shepherd’s Well Trail makes an easy-to-moderate 3.2 mile (500 ft elevation) out-and-back hike with good, dry footing that features an open area with excellent views of south Williamstown, the Hopper and Mount Greylock to the east and Petersburg Pass and the Taconic Range to the west. Sheperd’s Well Viewing Griffin Shepard’s Well Trail

Stone Hill Trails

Difficulty: Easy 

A classic Williamstown hike (or some would say, walk), starting from the Clark Art Institute campus. Many of us have hiked to the top of the pasture just south of the Clark Art campus, and have probably taken family or friends up there, too. It certainly provides one of the best views of the “Purple … Read more

The Money Brook Trail

Distance: 3.1 miles to Wilbur Clearing lean-to, 3.3 miles to Appalachian Trail, 6.8 miles to Mt. Greylock summit 

Difficulty: Moderate 

Money Brook Falls is always a spectacular site, but if you have to pick a season to visit: try spring. Situated below Mount Greylock and spilling into the Hopper, the 80′ falls are a marvelous site thanks to snowmelt and spring rains ensuring there is plenty of water. There is also the bonus of the … Read more

Image used to illustrate the tree walk narrative.

Tree Walk: Hemlock Brook to Harmon Pond

Distance: 0.4 miles 

Difficulty: Easy 

The hike description below leads you through the Hemlock Brook and Harmon Pond areas, focusing on the wondrous array of trees along the way. It was created by Pam Weatherbee, botanist and Williamstown local. The photos were taken by Leslie Reed-Evans, former Executive Director of Williamstown Rural Lands. The route starts from the Hemlock Brook … Read more

Walking Tour of Notable Trees in Williamstown

Enjoy a walk around town with this self-guided tour of some of Williamstown’s notable trees. Choose a convenient section or walk the whole, and then range further out with other tree tour recommendations on this website. A tour for all seasons: blooms of the magnolia, tulip tree, horse chestnut, black locust and catalpa delight in … Read more

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