Lehovec River Walk

The Lehovec Natural Area is easily accessible in the middle of town with its charming set of trails along the Green River. This property can be accessed from the end of Mill Street or more quickly from the end of Woodlawn Drive, as detailed at bottom. A few informal parking spots are also available on Woodlawn. Sometimes muddy, the trail from this access begins beside a spring-fed pool that is free of ice and inhabited by ducks year-round.

This short walk leads through riparian habitat as you make your way along the Green River.

Distances: 0.5 miles

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How to get there

From the Williams College campus:

  • Drive east on Route 2 to the first stoplight.
  • Turn left on Cole Avenue and drive north toward the Hoosic River.
  • Turn right on Saulnier Dr.
  • Continue on Saulnier as it bears right and becomes Woodlawn Dr.
  • Follow Woodlawn to its terminus and park off the road.

Parking and Trailhead Directions

Lehovec Trail Parking Directions on Google Maps


From the cul-de-sac (0.0 mi.) walk down a short, moderate hill to a broad, grassy path: a municipal right-of-way for the town sewer. Turn left (east), and walk along the river. After 0.1 mi., the path bears left, away from the river’s edge. After another 100 yards, you will see a trail on your right leading into the woods. It is marked by a sign indicating the start of the Lehovec River Walk.

As you make your way towards the river, you pass through riparian habitat. During summer, note the tall ostrich ferns (shaped like the tail feathers of their namesake!), and overhead, the towering cottonwood, locust, and willow trees. At the riverbank (0.3 mi.), turn left, walking downstream alongside the current before heading away and up a short, steep rise built from large rock slabs: rip-rap, placed here to help hold the bank in place. Just beyond, you arrive back at the town right-of-way. A left turn takes you past the Lehovec River Walk trailhead and back to your car (0.5 mi.). A right turn leads eventually to the Hoosic River Nature Trail.

Hike narrative from the Williams Outing Club’s North Berkshire Outdoor Guide.

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