Broadbent Challenge Goal Reached!

Camille and Bill Broadbent with friends George and Gus

MAY 2017: Bill and Camille Broadbent have a passion for preserving special and ecologically valuable places. Their family has long seen the necessity of preserving unique natural areas and they support land trust work around the country, including the WRLF’s work in Williamstown. Whether at their Montana ranch, their home in Greenwich, Connecticut, or in Williamstown, their leadership in and support for land conservation has been critical to organizations like the WRLF that have benefited from their involvement.

Bill Broadbent, a 1973 graduate of Williams College, long-time WRLF friend, conservation supporter, and activist, understands that as important as preserving land is today, it will become even more critical in the future as climate change and other impacts to the environment will stretch the resources of small land conservation trusts like the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation and challenge their ability to sustain preservation projects and land stewardship.

Bill and his wife Camille founded the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation Broadbent Endowment Fund for the 21st Century in 1999, after making a series of gifts to the WRLF to form the nucleus of the Broadbent Endowment Fund.  Camille and Bill understand that a robust endowment covers staff work so that funds are available for the important focus of land preservation.

To help the WRLF realize the goal of such a robust endowment, and in anticipation of his 45threunion at Williams College in 2018, Bill implemented a challenge: he would donate a total of $45,000 to the existing Broadbent Endowment if an additional $45,000 could be raised, especially to those who live in or have connection to Williamstown through the College but may not yet have contributed to the WRLF.

We are delighted to report that the challenge was met and surpassed by the end of the WRLF’s 30th year, and well before the 2018 goal.

Bill’s passion for the land and for strengthening WRLF’s ability to take advantage of opportunities is but one example of his inspiring call to action on behalf of all who appreciate the need to preserve the valuable open spaces of our community. Thank you Bill and Camille!

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