Low Density Development in Williamstown

Low Density Development in Williamstown


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Join us for our May Talk on the Hill presented by Williams College students Annika Harrington and Regina Fink. The talk, entitled Low Density Development in Williamstown, will be a zoom presentation of their collaborative research as part of Professor Sarah Gardner’s Environmental Planning Class last fall. Based on their research, Annika and Regina will offer ideas on mitigating the negative effects of current rural sprawl and larger house construction trends. They will open the floor to questions and discussion on a topic of critical interest to the town. WRL hopes this talk will provide a platform for discussion.

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Regina Fink is Environmental Studies major and Spanish concentrator from New Jersey. She is interested in issues of environmental justice, and hopes to work in public policy one day. At Williams, she works as a Hopkins Forest Outdoor Educator, reads with the P3 book club at the Berkshire House of Corrections, and co-leads BFAIR Buddies.

Annika Harrington is a junior from Needham, MA majoring in History and Environmental Studies and minoring in Global Studies. Her studies focus on environmental justice and Cold War history. At Williams, she plays flute in the Berkshire Symphony and is on the ultimate frisbee team.

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