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Hemlock Brook
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South Williamstown, off Sweet Brook Road and along Hemlock Brook, adjacent to Margaret Lindley Park to the east, abutting a section of the Harmon Pond Preserve, adjacent to Torrey Woods Road.


This small property is sandwiched between a variety of conservation lands and Williamstown’ Margaret Lindley Park: The Park sits to the east, Torrey Woods is north of Hemlock Brook, and the Harmon Pond Preserve is on the south side. All three of these properties provide access to Hemlock Brook. The parcel was a gift to WRL from Richard Lamb and Holly Taylor.

The Hemlock Brook Property is characterized — as you may well guess from its name! — by hemlock forest and the aptly named Hemlock Brook, which runs from northwest to southeast across the gently sloping land. The terrain is generally flat, with occasional terraces. These land formations are the result of the brook changing course and shape over its lifetime. Short walking loops take you on a tour through the property, and include stretches in Torrey Woods and Harmon Pond Preserve.

This area is popular with wildlife: its dense hemlock canopy and easy water access, as well as its proximity to other tracts of conserved forestland, make it a suitable home for birds and small mammals. It is common to see tracks and scat from fox, raccoons, and coyote. Red squirrels are common. Hemlock snags — the remnant of broken or fallen trees — are popular feeding grounds for yellow-bellied sapsuckers and pileated woodpeckers, and barred owls can be seen and heard throughout the woods.

Size: 12.2 acres

Longest Walk: 0.9 miles

Acquired: 2010

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