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Northwest Hill Road

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The Northwest Hill Road property is a diverse one: In just under seven acres, you will find a mix of wetland, meadow, edge habitat, and forest. Just next door — to the north — is Hopkins Forest’s vernal pool area. All of these habitats, except forest, are dwindling in New England. Particularly vulnerable are the vernal pools, and the WRL parcel helps to protect them by acting as a buffer zone. If this land had been developed instead of conserved, the pools may have been at risk from pollutants or other disturbing activity.

Although this property isn’t open to general public recreation, a walk along the scenic Northwest Hill Road takes you past its bucolic scenery.

Size: 6.44 acres

Longest Walk: No trails on this property.

Acquired: 2008

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These parcels were once part of the much-larger Buxton Brook Farm — a large, profitable Williamstown farm — and early 20th century aerial footage indicates that the land was likely used for hay production.

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