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Old Farm Way

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Old Farm Way’s field and forest adds to a significant mosaic of conserved land along the Route 2 corridor. To the west lies land protected by the Town of Williamstown. Beyond that is Commonwealth land, the Taconic Trail State Forest. Across Route 2 to the south is another chunk of town-owned land: the Margaret Lindley Park and Torrey Woods.

Old Farm Way itself is a mix of former pastureland and woodlot. The space where the field and forest meet is called ‘edge habitat,’ and its presence encourages a variety of edge-nesting bird species. The meadow offers excellent views to the east of Mt. Greylock and the Hopper, and it is popular among pollinators due to the presence of dogbane. (Dogbane blossoms earlier in the summer than many other ‘bee friendly’ plant species, and as a result it attracts a variety of butterflies, bees, and pollinating insects.) In recent years, two bluebird houses have been erected in the meadow — but, as in many places — these boxes unintentionally attract swifts and swallows, too! Bring your binoculars and a few field guides next time you visit!

Size: 4.99 acres

Acquired: 2004


Once part of a family farm that occupied most of the hillside between Bee Hill Road and Cold Spring Road.

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Birding, Nature Study

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