Smith Property


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Smith Property
Trail continues to Taconic Trail State Park

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RRR Brooks Trail
Sara Tenney Trail
Smith Trail


Accessible on foot only, via the Sara Tenney Trail (beginning one’s hike on RRR Brooks Trail on Bee Hill Road).


The Smith Property fits neatly into a collection of conserved land near Bee Hill and the Flora Glen. To the west of Smith lies the Town of Williamstown’s large Hunter property — which is familiar to many through its Hunter Family Loop and Sara Tenney Trails — and beyond that lies the Taconic Trail State Park.

The south section of the parcel features mature woodlands, and the upper section offers views over Williamstown to the Hopper and the Greylock Range. There is also a distinct view of Williams College at the end of the Smith Trail, accessible from the Sara Tenney Trail (RRR Brooks trailhead on Bee Hill Road).

Size: 14.22 acres

Longest Walk: 1 mile (round trip)

Acquired: 2015


This parcel was, at one point, possibly a part of the Yeadon Dairy Farm and used for grazing. A section of the original Bee Hill Road crosses this land.

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Birding, Hiking, Nature Study

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