Sensing Terrain – Walking/Drawings with artist Julia Morgan

MAY 2020.  During the Massachusetts statewide event #artweekathome between May 1-10, artist Julia Morgan conducted a daily walking and mapping practice that explores the public trails of Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation. The project reminds us that in this time of pandemic and isolation, everyone is welcome to walk, get exercise, and appreciate the natural beauty while practicing social distancing.

Morgan’s series Travelogue is a starting point for this project. The series documents the motion interface between her body and whatever terrain she is traveling over. Morgan says “whether it is a particular kind of vehicle such as a bus, cart or train I’m riding in or whether I am walking through a city or on country trails, I let the motion of the terrain guide my hand with watercolor and pen.” She then documents each motion drawing at the bottom of the page with movement method and means, place, dates, other relevant data.

In addition to the motion drawings, for each walk, Morgan will create accompanying artist map-books describing each trail and path covered.

These works will be exhibited on WRLF’s website as they are made, and offered for sale on the artist’s website Travelogue pieces can be seen at

A portion of the proceeds of sales will be donated to WRLF.

Sheep Hill travelogue
















Sheep Hill map
















Margaret Lindley Park/Hemlock Brook travelogue











Margaret Lindley Park/Hemlock Brook map


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