An Interactive History of Sunnybrook Farm

The Rosenburg family operated a dairy farm here at Sheep Hill from the 1930s to 1990s. Arthur E. Rosenburg, his wife Ella May, and their son Arthur G., ran Sunnybrook Farm. Theirs was typical of small New England farms where hard work, ingenuity, and a love of the land prevailed. The Rosenburgs milked cows and tended sheep, pigs, and chickens. During the winters, the steep pasture was used as a downhill ski run.

The property was acquired by Williamstown Rural Lands (WRL) in 2000 after the passing of Arthur G. Rosenburg, the last of the family to live here. WRL, a local land trust, adopted the farmstead as its home and offers free access to the barns and grounds. We invite you to explore the history of this special place by watching interviews, video footage, and still photos in this exhibit. Then ramble the high meadow trails beyond these barn doors and remember the farmers, cows, and skiers who came before you.

Sunnybrook Farm Photos and Slideshows

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