Article 24 Approved at Town Meeting

Thank you, Williamstown, for voting YES on Article 24.  You helped protect vital farmland in Williamstown!

WRL has applied to the town Community Preservation Committee (CPC) for funding to conserve prime agricultural land.  To succeed, the measure must be approved by Williamstown residents at Town Meeting on Tuesday, June 8.

What you should know about Article 24:

  • the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resource (MDAR) has identified soils of statewide significance on 18 acres of land owned by Bill and Kelly Galusha off of Blair Road.
  • The land is an integral part of the Fairfields Farm/Galusha agricultural operation.  Conserving the land contributes to the regional farm economy and helps ensure our food security.
  • MDAR will contribute $327,450 towards an Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) on the property that will ensure its permanent protection for the Galushas and future farmers.
  • Article 24 is asking town residents to approve $56,000 so the town can provide the local match required by MDAR; the Galushas are contributing $66,550 to the project by selling the APR for less than its appraised fair market value; WRL is contributing $10,000 to show its support for the project. That’s an 7:1 funding ratio in favor of the town.
  • In supporting the previous Galusha APRs the town has shown that it appreciates the rural character and open space their land supplies, a quality that Williamstown residents and visitors highly value.

Click here to see handout describing the project and a map of the property and surrounding conserved farmland.


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